Wednesday, December 8, 2010


For the final project for ED 514, I created a website on weather. I chose this topic because it is a standard for K/1 grades Science. When I taught in Maryland, my first grade class had a large unit on weather. There are many books and a few websites that have a lot of great information for students, but sometimes it can be overwhelming for students to filter out what information they are interested in or need to know and what they don't. I thought that, by creating a website, students and parents can learn the same information at home that we learn in school. I also included a few youtube clips for the students because some kids really like to watch movies or learn better with visuals.

I found that making the website was fun because I was able to pick my own topic and information. It was not that difficult to create, it was more time consuming. Researching, mapping out the site, then typing all information and adding graphics is very time consuming. I don't think my first graders would be able to create their own site, but I did have a webpage for my classroom and would like to continue to have one in future classrooms for commmunication between me and parents and students. I would also create webpages for large units such as the weather unit, construction unit, and rocks, sand, and soil unit in first grade.