Thursday, September 9, 2010

Google Doc assignment #2

For my second Google Doc assignment, I made a presentation for First Grade students reviewing nouns and verbs.  The students will have access to the presentation from my blog and my website.  The first two slides are reviews of what a noun and verb are.  The next slides are for ACTIVboard activities for the whole class to participate.  Lastly, the final slide is a review for the parents including a photo assignment for the students to complete.  There is also a mini quiz for them to print from the presentation.  I used the presentation because it is able to be published on a website and/or blog for parents to see and have access to.  Students in my class could use the presentation option to create a show for their parents about work created in class.  We could create class presentations about field trips or photos taken in the classroom. 

click here to see my presentation

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