Thursday, September 2, 2010

Web 2.0 assignment

For my Web 2.0 tool project, I used "Book R" to create an easy reader book for my elementary students.  In my classroom, I would implement this frequently with my students for my Writer's Workshop part of the day.  As my students begin to work on writing stories, I would have my class write a story using the story elements taught (character, setting, problem, and solution).  When they finish the rough draft, I would have a reading meeting with each student to edit their stories.  Once they write their final draft and I have checked them, the students can go on "Book R" to publish the stories they wrote.  Students can print them out for the classroom library or they can post it on a class blog for all the students to read when the books are complete.  This would be a great activity for fiction and nonfiction writing samples for First Graders.    Students would find this fun to be publishing their own writing!


  1. Your book is cute!!! I think that it would be perfect to show to little kids. I think that they would be able to create their own too with some assistance. I think it cool that you can make a book from that website but I didnt like that you couldnt save your work and go back to work on it at a later time. Other then that it seems like a resourceful website!

  2. Sarah: Your book is wonderful! What a way to connect with students who love dogs. Through this you can start building a common connection with your students from day one. Awesome book! Now I must come up with a way to apply this awesome technology for high school social studies.