Thursday, September 23, 2010

Webquest assignment

My webquest assignment was created for my First Grade class.  One of our science units was Construction.  The students were given an assignment to create a shelter of some type.  They gathered materials and built shelters that they shared with my class.  Instead of sending home a letter, I created this webquest so the students could work on their projects in the classroom.  I could also modify the webquest for a home project.   If students wanted to work on something on their own at home, they could pull up the webquest for reference.  Parents could also see what the students are working on in the classroom.  I think creating a webquest would be challenging for some First Graders, but at the end of the school year, they could create a webquest about the writing process or a writing activity. 

Webquest for building a shelter


  1. hey girl! i tried clicking on your webquest link and it said it was broken! just letting you know:)

  2. Should be working now...thanks for letting me know! :)