Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quiz assignment

For my quiz assignment, I chose to create a quiz for my First Graders reviewing story elements and important messages of fairy tales.  I decided to use the story "Little Red Riding Hood", a story I usually start off my fairy tale unit with.  After reading the story and teaching what story elements are (character, setting, problem, solution) and what important messages are and after doing class activities to enforce the concepts taught, I would allow the students to take the quiz while at centers to review.  I found this quiz to be helpful to check for understanding from all students.  I also liked that I could upload my class list from excel if I was teaching for the kids to log on and take the quiz.  I think these quizes would be beneficial for First Graders when reviewing story elements from books we read in class.  The quizes would also be fun for math concepts! 

Little Red Riding Hood quiz:  username/password:  samplestudented514

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